We visited Satara Camp in Kruger National Park for four days in March. On the first night, before we had even checked in, there was a herd of Zebra outside the camp gate. Spending a few minutes with them in the fast fading light, Johan took a photo that would end up as a large canvas print, hanging in a prominent place in the lounge.

Later that night, while we were preparing dinner, I could not resist using my macro lens on a very cute visitor to our bungalow.


For the rest of the trip, bad weather swallowed most of the best light, but during short breaks in the clouds, we managed to get a few decent shots of birds, including a Red-backed shrike, and a Magpie Shrike.

On the last day, while making our way out of the Park via Kruger gate, we were passing the turn-off to a dam that had never produced anything interesting before, and decided, on the spur of the moment, to go and have a look anyway – and found two Hyaenas cooling off in the shallow water on the opposite side of the dam!